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33. TV5 competiotion for Start-Up compenies

34. Demo to Secretary, TSWREIS (I.P.S. Officer)

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    Highly personalized, engaging and effective learning program for students of 8 to 11 years age, telugu speaking.

We Are::

We believe that our idea will become a torch bearer to pave a path to paradigm shift in education. We have been supported by many people from different walks of life and also most of them were involved in our journey of Research and Development.

Math remedy - Basic math programs are designed by many experts for a long period. Jupudi Educational Tools is founded by Jupudi . V.S.Ramakrishna and his wife Naga Parameswari. Later many co-visionary have joined the company to make this dream come true.

Jupudi .V.S.Rama Krishna worked as Basic Math Programs Director for a few private schools such as Greenwood, Spoorthi, ToppersDen, Gurudath, Anjali, Greensedge etc,.

Jupudi .V.S.Ramakrishna is the student of IIT Chukkaramaiah,Hyderabad. (1986 to 88) and was inspired by the math teachings of his father, Jupudi Sathyanarayana and T.V.R.Murthy , Director of Tetrahedron Collages, Hyderabad.



Such teaching of great teachers , influenced and made Jupudi Ramakrishna to become passionate to teach mathematics.

Jupudi Seetha, mother of Ramakrishna, has influenced his mind with philanthropic thoughts and values in life, while he was growing as a child.

As the decades passed away, he realized that many capable students are missing best facilitation of good math learning practices , due to many unavoidable situations and reasons in Indian education sector.

Maganti Muthukumara swamy, a psychologist and corporate skill trainer, projects consultant, has inspired and motivated Ramakrishna to initiate the customized loop learning programs driven by technology. With his immense influence, the App programs are built to cater to the specific needs of the young math learners of India.


Marching ahead to lead a paradigm shift in education.


All our innovative products and programs are dedicated to math learners.