3. Benefits to students / parent from program.

4. What is Basic Math-1 App Program (in-brief)

5. How to use Printed material of Basic Math-1 App Program?

6. How to use Basic Math-1 App.

  • To enjoy and excel in 6th to 10th classes mathematics books,
  • A student needs to have strong basics in maths.
  • Basic Math-1 App Program along with printed material, needs 150 hours(approx.) for any 8 to 11 years, telugu speaking student.
  • This is a common program for first time using student from the age group 8 to 11 years.

    This App Program :

  • Increase interest towards Maths.
  • Enhance self-confidence.
  • Increase speed in doing Maths.
  • Confirm the need of this program for your child with free Base Line Tests. Also use Lesson-1 as Trail User.
  • In each lesson, Pre-remedy exam is to check knowledge level before training.
  • Help your child visualize each concept, making it easier to understand with videos in english medium.
  • Bilingual Telugu videos(English plus Telugu) help the student to overcome the barrier of english language.
  • In each lesson, Post-Remedy exam(5 attempts), are to give chance to increase score by improving gained points and speed in doing.
  • Confirm the possible change in your child with End Line Tests.
  • Basic Math knowledge and speed in doing math is very important for every student from 6th class onwards.
  • Research has shown that a strong interest and liking for math is built during 8 to 11 years age which leads to Significantly better academic outcomes in the later years.

7. General tips in dealing a math student (for Parent/Teacher)

    Still not convinced ?

    Highly personalized, engaging and effective learning program for students of 8 to 11 years age, telugu speaking.